CCE and Xiamen Rihua Group Made In-depth Exchanges


In August, CCE and Xiamen Rihua Group paid mutual visits and made in-depth exchanges to discuss cooperation between themselves about constructing continuing education base of XMU, boost talents training, etc.

Chairman and president of Rihua Group Mr. Nan Cundian is an alumnus who has deep attachment to XMU and made a generous donation of 10 million yuan to the construction of CCE buildings during the 93rd anniversary of XMU. To appreciate the acts of kindness of Mr. Nan Cundian, on the afternoon of August 14, vice president of XMU ZhanXinLi, president of CCE Zheng Wenli, and party secretary of CCE Cai Zhengwei paid a visit to Rihua Group and met Mr. Nan Cundian. They thanked Mr. Nan for his great support and help in CCE's construction, and told the situation of the construction of CCE buildings in Xiang'an campus. Mr. Nan Cundian said that donating to education had always been his consistent pursuit, and meanwhile continuing education in colleges and universities was an important approach to talents cultivation and to serve the society. As Xiamen University alumni, it is necessary to support continuing education development in XMU. The two sides agreed that Mr. Nan led his team to CCE for field investigation on the next day.


On the afternoon of August 15th, Mr. Nan Cundian, general manager and director of president office of Rihua Group Lin Kangming, and marketing director Zhou Keman visited CCE. President Zheng Wenli, party secretary Cai Zhengwei, vice president Yang Hongfei, vice party secretary Zheng Bijiao and directors of related departments accompanied the visit.

During the field investigation, Zheng Wenli made a field introduction to the guests about the construction situation, function design and landscape construction of various regions of CCE buildings. After that, Zheng Wenli and Cai Zhengwei expressed their gratitude to Mr. Nan again and introduced the basic situation of CCE and the idea of future construction and development during the discussion. Mr. Nan said that he had deep roots and attachment to Xiamen University, and was inspired by the spirit of Mr. Tan Kah Kee. He said that through the field visits and exchanges today, he saw a great space for further cooperation and win-win cooperation between Rihua Group and CCE. During the discussion, the two sides made in-depth exchanges and discussions on the aspects of connecting advanced technology of Rihua Group and high-quality educational resources of CCE, developing information-based continuing education base, constructing domestic first-class Smart Campus, creating university-enterprise cooperation model and so on.


Established in 1993, Rihua Group is a comprehensive group of four industries with information technology, cultural tourism, power distribution production and real estate investment. In the fields of civil air defense, science, and technology, the subsidiary company of Rihua Group has been tilling at high-tech research and development, and has achieved the goal of covering a wider, more powerful, and more intelligent warning system for multimedia civil air defense alarm. In the field of cultural tourism, the company takes the existing scenic spots and operation teams as platform to realize deep integration of cultural creativity and tourism resources. In the fields of manufacture and production, the company is aiming at industry 4.0 to realize intelligent factories, intelligent production and intelligent logistics. In the field of real estate investment, the company constantly integrates real estate and property resources, and strives to create high-end office and production environments.