CCE and Logistics Group of XMU Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement


On July 19th, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation agreement between CCE and Logistics Group of XMU was held. Assistant principal, Party committee secretary of Xiang 'an campus, director of management committee Chen Guang, president of CCE Zheng Wenli, vice president Yang Hongfei and Wang Chuanjin, vice Party secretary Zheng Bijiao, general manager of Logistics Group Lin Gongming, Party secretary Ye Pengfei, vice general manager Zheng Qingxi, Chen Youliang, and Liu Junbin, vice Party secretary Deng Zejun, office director of Xiang 'an campus Liu Lirong, assistant general manager Wang Yumin and other leaders attended the signing ceremony. Directors from departments of CCE and relevant Principals from Nanqiang Property Services Co., Ltd. of Logistics Group, Printing Service Center, Catering Service Center, and Student Apartments and Environmental Service Center also attended the meeting. The ceremony was presided over by Ye Pengfei.


Chen Guang delivered a speech at first. He said that CCE and Logistics Group are two major strengths for social services of XMU. The strategic cooperation of the two sides can help to achieve complementary advantages and make contribution to the "Double World-classes" Development and the "Double-hundred" Talents Project of XMU.


Zheng Wenli and Lin Gongming on behalf of the two sides signed the strategic cooperation agreement between CCE and Logistics Group under the witnesses of the participants. Under the agreement, the two sides would carry out long-term cooperation in the fields of training, meeting, catering, transportation and printing. In addition, the two sides would build Logistics Training Center to give full play to the advantages of the two sides, to promote professional development of continuing education, and to further strengthen social service function of Xiamen University.


Zheng Wenli and Lin Gongming made speeches respectively. Zheng Wenli said that after CCE relocated to Xiang 'an campus, it was facing developmental opportunities and challenges. It is more needed to rely on high quality resources of XMU, to innovate institutional mechanism, and to promote the development of continuing education. The strategic cooperation with Logistics Group can further integrate resources, give full play to the advantages, improve the managerial service level, improve the quality of continuing education, and promote the common development of both sides.


Lin Gongming said that Logistics Group appreciated the long-term benefits from various supports of XMU and CCE. Staff of Logistics Group improved themselves by studying in CCE, and therefore overall service and managerial ability of the Group was promoted. Logistics Group and CCE strategic cooperation provided the two sides with more space and a higher platform for development. In the future, the cooperation of the two sides would publicize nationwide in logistics system, so as to build a model of cooperation, resources sharing and mutual benefits between continuing education and logistics in colleges and universities.

Win-win cooperation is for a better future. The signing of this agreement was an important opportunity to the development of CCE as well as Logistics Group. It is believed that in the future cooperation, the two sides can further bond their ties, deepen cooperation, and make efforts to create new wonders in the future.