Xiamen Subordinate Learning Center Organized an Activity --


On May 13, Xiamen Subordinate Learning Center organized a cycling activity with the theme of "physical fitness, interactive fellowship". Vice Party secretary of CCE Zheng Bijiao and director of the Center Li Xuguang led 50 teachers and students taking part in the activity. The activity was held in order to enhance the communication between teachers and students of CCE online education in Xiamen, strengthen the senses of belonging of online-learning students to CCE, and advocate the concept of "to live healthily, to learn happily".


On that morning, the clouds shades and the soft breezes seemed to welcome the participants of the activity. The participants gathered around at the Music Square of the Island Ring Road. Zheng Bijiao made a pep talk at first. She thanked the students participating in the activity with enthusiasm, and briefly explained the purpose and the significance of the activity. She encouraged everyone to communicate and cooperate, and stressed the safety precautions in the process of cycling. After the brief ceremony, the team was organized and everyone set off with a cheerful mood. During the cycling, the teachers and the students started off from the Music Square of the Island Ring Road by way of White Stone Fortress, Taiwan Customs Village, Huangcuo, Breeze Village, and finally reached Convention Center. After a 30-minute rest and recharging, the cycling team set off again and returned by the way they came. The overall cycling distance was about 18 kilometers.


The Island Ring Road, one of the essential tourism belt of Xiamen, is a seaside green corridor. Our cycling team went through the beautiful scenery along the way with joyful laughter and cheerful voices. The activity did well to the body and mind of the participants, improved the contact between teachers and students, and drew a beautiful scenery line at the Island Ring Road.


After the activity, students participating in the cycling appreciated the activity, expressed their thanks to the teachers of the Center who prepared adequately for the activity and ensured the success of the activity. They also expressed their sincere hope to participate in similar activities in the future and to actively blend in with XMU. The cycling activity has achieved an expected result and has laid a solid foundation for various follow-up student activities of Xiamen Subordinate Learning Center.